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Champignon Montagnolo, creativity rules

Who dares to innovate in such an extraordinarily diverse world as the cheese sector, with its ancient history and millions of fans?

Providing something new in this field is, without a doubt, a real challenge that can only be tackled with respect for tradition, in-depth knowledge of the ingredients and the consumer, and tons of creativity.
The CHAMPIGNON dairy shows off all these qualities by combining the best of the two major categories of cheese in the same speciality and blending the creaminess of a Brie with the liveliness of blue cheeses to create the delightful CHAMPIGNON MONTAGNOLO.

The passion among cheese lovers for this new variety has proven that it has been a great success, also recognised by the awards it has won: Supreme Champion at the 2012 Nantwich International Cheese Show and at the 2013 World Cheese Awards.

75 % of all German cheeses are made in the region of Bavaria, the origin of more than 400 different varieties

The inspiration of the Renaissance courts
Renaissance and its taste for pleasure, for surprising the senses, is the source of inspiration of CHAMPIGNON MONTAGNOLO. During this period, cuisine started to be seen as an art. Sophisticated, imaginative dishes were created, presented in an attractive manner with gold and brightly-coloured decorations; fancy techniques; new flavours; the first famous chefs...

The creators of this cheese cleverly combine this delicious historic reference with their loyalty to the traditional cheese recipes of the mountain region of Allgäu (Bavaria, Germany).

The result is a cheese with an extremely creamy texture and powerful flavour, with a slightly sweet flavour at first that then leaves the somewhat spicy aftertaste of the blue veining. A fantastic symbiosis in perfect harmony to impress the most demanding gourmet.

A soft velvety layer covers such a succulent interior, thanks to a production process that is very different to that of all other blue cheeses, because to obtain CHAMPIGNON MONTAGNOLO the ripening phase takes place at low temperatures over a prolonged period, ensuring the texture and flavour of the cheese stand out.
CHAMPIGNON MONTAGNOLO is a triple cream cheese: cream is added to the milk to give a rich, buttery texture.
From tradition to the exception
With over 100 years of history as a cheesemaker, the premise of the CHAMPIGNON dairy is to always produce unique, exceptional specialities, including CHAMPIGNON MONTAGNOLO.

Without a doubt, it has privileged ingredients: exceptional quality milk from local cows fed on Alpine grass, an ingredient that the master cheesemakers process without using preservatives, stabilising agents, artificial flavouring or gluten.
Only a cheese made traditionally with top quality milk and the unique imaginative spirit that characterises this brand, aged at its own rate, can offer such an unusual flavour as CHAMPIGNON MONTAGNOLO.

Spread on rustic bread, on a cheese board, or with warm honey as dessert, CHAMPIGNON MONTAGNOLO always captivates.