Our story ... is cheese, always with happiness and dedication...

Burgundy, France

Each of our cheeses awakens all of the senses. Through their flavours and aromas, we go on a journey. We close our eyes ... and we suddenly find ourselves in a region, a terroir. From our palates emerge reminders of the tradition and craftsmanship of the past.

Learn and Innovate

A space to enrich our knowledge about the world of cheese. You can read about its prehistoric origins and methods of cutting and how to present and taste infinite varieties of cheese, curiosities, etc. Discover all of this now with one click.

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Our Brands

Small brands,
great cheeses

We have more than 200 brands that conjure up images of the fields, farms and landscapes of Europe. Our brands awaken in us emotions and traditional values. The brands are the hallmark and guarantee of savoir-faire, the talent of the profession of fromager and its excellence.
The people who make these cheeses break with the standardisation of industrial production.

Our Recipes

We bring our cheeses to the kitchen and, every year, together with our chef, photographer and team, experiment with flavours and create different recipes. All of these recipes are available here on video to help you learn and enjoy cooking with cheese.

Our Recipes

Catalogues and Publications

Here you can view our catalogues to find out about our entire range of products.

Learn more about each cheese. Here you can read our regular newsletters, written with the aim of expanding knowledge about the characteristics of each cheese, region, production method, etc.

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