Learn and Innovate

Learn and Innovate is a section we have created to provide you with information, tricks, curiosities, ideas... in our world of cheese.

If you are a professional, you can see new ideas for cutting cheeses, original presentations for charcuterie counters, etc.

We also have videos to illustrate the different ways of using cheese.

We will soon be adding more content on aspects such as the origin and evolution of cheese throughout history, as well as quizzes on cheese curiosities and anecdotes.

Select the section you wish to see and watch all of the videos we have made

Cheese professionals
Watch our videos to learn about the different ways of presenting and offering cheeses at your point of sale.
The origin and history of cheese
Discover how cheese, humanity's oldest food, evolved from Neolithic times to the present day.
In your kitchen, methods of use
In shavings, grated, melted, etc. One cheese can be savoured in different ways. Discover them in our videos!
Tricks of the trade, tips and a thousand curiosities? Did you know? Every question you can imagine is answered here.
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