About Us

in European cheeses

Over the years since Iberconseil was established in 1985, driven by the desire to satisfy our clients, we have learned to be attentive to their needs. Our mission is to discover and select new cheese specialities by travelling through the regions of Europe and looking for traditional cheeses of great character and innovations with new flavours and creations.

We offer these new products to our clients to try, always with a feeling of conveying the culture of good cheese.
We support and advise our clients... We also particularly enjoy getting in the kitchen to create recipes and different ways of cooking cheese.

We strive to make sure that traditions and savoir-faire endure as part of the heritage of a terroir and to share them to convey the values of the profession of cheesemaker. Our team is strong and works every day with dedication and all of its love. We like the idea of being the best partner for both European producers and clients in Spain.

Our ambition is great, but always from a modest view of ourselves and what we are.

A dynamic and modern
company. Founded in 1985 by
Laurent Cazorla and Maryse Mary.
Always open to new
trends, with special attention to the
care of the product and its preparation.

Selection of brands with
history, a key point of reference for
each of the regions.

A wide variety of cheeses
of different styles, ranging from the
mildest to the most powerful in flavour.

A great selection of
European specialities
from 17 countries.

Direct and constant contact
with the best cheesemakers
and suppliers of all of the
products in our portfolio.

90 million turnover
has been reached
by 2023, with constant
annual growth.

Among which we find
traditional cheeses, cheeses with
PDO, flavoured cheeses, basic
cheeses, etc.