Cheese culture

Today's consumers are on the lookout for new gastronomic experiences, and true cheese professionals know that we hold in our hands a product that is capable of arousing great interest and pleasing a wide range of palates.

Cheese has a history that goes back thousands of years and many factors must be taken into account in order for a cheese to be unique... from its origins and manufacturing process, up to the tasting. Join us in discovering every aspect, from the characteristics of the terroir in question to the most essential professional tools.

Professional tools
Having the necessary tools that ensure a precise cut is indispensable when it comes to transmitting a professional image.
The importance of terroir
Geographical diversity and dairy livestock variety are key factors in offering a wide range of cheeses.
Europe's main PDO
Discover the exquisite European varieties that have merited PDO and PGI designation.
The origin and history of cheese
From Neolithic times up to the present day, discover the evolution of cheese, humankind's oldest foodstuff.