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Le Moulis Pyrénées. Each valley, a cheese.

This is what the French Pyrénées are made up of. Sparsely populated green valleys, separated by rugged mountain ranges that keep them relatively isolated, allowing each one to develop its own personality as well as its own variety of cheese, a food that has been part of the culture and heritage of these mountains for centuries. Here, where industry has not established any factories, nature retains its leading role, whereas life and products are more authentic and healthier. In this setting, in the picturesque village of Luzenac-de-
Moulis, the fourth generation of the Coudray family produces, following the traditional way, exquisite mountain cheeses that have managed to overcome all orographic barriers and become internationally renowned.

The LE MOULIS cheese dairy produces around 400 tons of cheese every year, made from top quality milk from local cattle.

The delicious heritage of grandfather Pujol
Around 1934, Mr Henri Pujol, a villager in the French Pyrénées, decided to create his own cheeses and take them to the market. The success of these handcrafted pieces marked the beginning of the LE MOULIS family cheese dairy. At present, Marie-Jo Coudray has taken over from grandfather Pujol and continues to make cheeses in the traditional way, aware that it is loyalty to this knowhow that ensures a production of indisputable quality and personality, appreciated by gourmets all over the world.

For Marie-Jo Coudray and her small team, milk selection is part of the traditional know-how. For the various specialties of LE MOULIS PYRÉNÉES (goat's, sheep's or cow's cheese-there is even a variety of the latter made from raw milk), only raw material from local cattle is used, fed on the fragrant grass of the Pyrenean countryside.
The brown rind of these cheeses, which is completely natural and free of additives, is the result of each cheese being washed in brine.
LE MOULIS, an expansive nature
True to its love for tradition, LE MOULIS maintains manual processes both to apply the brine every two days during the first two weeks and to turn the wheels during their ripening process, a crucial stage that is carried out at the right temperature and on fir wood shelves at this artisanal cheese dairy.

The results are excellent;cheeses with a distinctive flavour that have won medals and are exported all over the world. Mountain specialties with a rustic appearance, strong and recognisable on the palate. At their fermentation stage after at least 4 weeks in the cellar, they are pieces with a pungent aroma and firm yet flexible (not dry) paste, with many small holes.

To the satisfaction of its cheese fans, Coudray has found the formula for combining its claim to tradition with the creation of new varieties, and the LE MOULIS PYRÉNÉES family continues to grow with the recent delicious blue sheep's milk cheese.

Produced in a picturesque valley in Couserans County, LE MOULIS PYRÉNÉES cheeses are exported to countries as far away as the United Arab Emirates.