Did you know?

Il Forteto, the brand that championed nature

In 1975, a group of young people aged around 19 and 20 began to meet up in the rooms of a parish church in Prato, Italy

Eran estudiantes, They were students and young workers who talked about their problems and participated in social activities: extracurricular and recreational activities for children and support activities for the disabled.

Agriculture seemed
to be the best environment
to put into practice
their idea of a shared life.

In 1977, these young people created the Il Forteto cooperative and settled on the Bovecchio farm, in the municipal district of Barberino di Mugello, Florence. They chose to establish a cooperative, because the purpose of this kind of association is not to accumulate profits, but to provide workers with adequate living conditions.

After about 5 years, the cooperative moved to the Riconi farm, still in Mugello, but in the districts of Vicchio and Dicomano. Within a year, they had acquired a stable to keep more than 1,000 sheep. They had solid experience in the making of handcrafted cheese.

Always with a drive to innovate, they championed cutting-edge farming technologies. Drip irrigation methods and anti-frost systems are some examples of the new technologies that the cooperative implemented on their land.

They also grew wheat to make handcrafted bread. They ground the wheat in their own stone mill and
made their own yeast culture. A computerised ventilation and combustion system also improved production and the quality of the cooperative's bread.

Innovation was also the key to a new oven project

In 2000, they expanded their cheese dairy with new ageing cellars. Almost ten years later, they won an award at the 2009 World Cheese Awards under the hard cheese PDO category.
They have also made numerous technological innovations in the cheese dairy, including hot chamber automation.

Four years ago, they put into writing the ethical code that the cooperative had been following on a daily basis for 40 years. By doing so, they consolidated the cornerstone that defines their way of working. This document is available to workers and the general public on the Il Forteto website.

Il Forteto is greatly concerned about the safety of the environment and ecosystem:
on its 500 hectares of land, it maintains a healthy balance with nature and the
environment, using its resources in a 'sustainable and renewable way'.