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Dick Veldhuyzen Jr. Basiron Gouda Assortment, wherever your passion takes you

The foundations of a traditional family business such as Veldhuyzen Cheese receives a breath of fresh air when, in the early 1980s, Dick Veldhuyzen Jr. assumes the position of General Manager. His boundless creativity and irrepressible enthusiasm for cheese brings about a genuine revolution. His imagination engenders a series of new varieties of Gouda, each one more daring, praiseworthy and exquisite than the last. Far from heralding a departure from the company's trajectory, Dick Jr.'s contagious enthusiasm supposes an unprecedented boost for one of its assortments: BASIRON.
And there was no way around it...
in order to carry out this triple somersault with a twist,
the new manager would take inspiration from
both the bedrock values of the family's
century-old enterprise - authenticity, tradition
and craftsmanship - and his own deep-seated
knowledge and respect for Gouda cheese
and how it is made.

In the aftermath of the Second World War the Veldhuyzen family business would undergo a progressive transformation from selling cheese to making it.

New flavours for new palates

Gouda, with its sweet, creamy flavour and dense, elastic texture, is an extraordinary cheese - the most popular and representative of the Netherlands - that is perfect for assimilating new ingredients to surprise even the most demanding, experimental gourmands. This is something that Dick Jr. is very well aware of when he launches his first creation, perfectly poised between tradition and innovation: BASIRON GARDEN HERBS GOUDA The refined flavour of this cheese combines creaminess with subtle nuances of pepper, chives and garlic and has already become a classic.

Dick Veldhuyzen Jr.0's intuition, however, takes things to another level, profoundly connected with the new trends in gastronomy, where creativity and experimentation are in constant demand by an increasingly food-savvy public addicted to innovation. This is the same consumer profile that seeks experiences that extend beyond merely the palate; experiences in which the sampling of a sublime product such as cheese excites not only the palate but also the visual, tactile and olfactory senses.
Traditionally, the elaboration
of Gouda featured the
smoking of the basic paste
or the addition of a variety.

Dirk Veldhuyzen Jr.
takes this tradition to
unimaginable heights.
And why not?

This is the question that all researchers, and an innovator such as Dick Veldhuyzen Jr. most certainly is one, must constantly ask themselves. They must question everything and seek inspiration from all traditions and trends without imposing limits on themselves in an effort to discover the most original, delicious combinations.

Dick Jr. constantly outdoes himself and has always gone one step further in the range of varieties he has launched since taking over leadership of the family business. From extraordinary and surprising BASIRON GOUDA flavours such as BASIRON GOUDA JALAPEÑO, BASIRON GOUDA CHILI, BASIRON GOUDA WASABI or the recent award-winning BASIRON GOUDA CHOCO. To unexpectedly intense BASIRON GOUDA colours, such as the deep green of BASIRON GOUDA PESTO VERDE, the vibrant red of BASIRON GOUDA PESTO ROSSO, the multi-coloured BASIRON GOUDA TRICOLORE or BASIRON GOUDA NEGRO LIMÓN; a black, yes black cheese inspired by oriental cuisine.
All these are extraordinarily flavourful, unique cheeses
that will lend your lunches, snacks or appetisers
a touch of originality that is sure to surprise
your guests.

It is no secret that Dick Veldhuyzen Jr.'s creative passion ha
finds kindred spirits in cheese lovers the world over
who are willing to discover new horizons
in gourmet delights.
Delicious BASIRON GOUDA CHOCO obtains
the Bronze Medal in the semi-hard/hard cheese
with sweet additives category at the
2018 International Cheese & Dairy Awards in Nantwich, UK.